[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 xruns

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Mon May 29 17:30:02 2006

Link Swanson wrote:
> One more question: I'm using onboard nVidia 6100 graphics and I get a
> "bleedthrough" effect: my sound crackles when I open windows, menus, move
> things accross the screen, etc. This occurs whether I'm using the "nv"
> drivers or the commercial drivers from nVidia. Is there any way I can
> relieve this? I do have another matrox PCI card I can use, but I'd rather
> use the onboard.

I don't think I can help on that, but I thank you for the info.

We can get the sound to crackle when moving an opengl box around the screen while using the nvidia drivers.  These are with nvidia cards of various flavors.  There are no xruns on jack, everything looks fine on the machine, while the audio output stutters.  We're using pci sound cards on the machines.  Setting the pci latency for the video card back to a sane level after X was started did not help.

This used to happen with the FC3 setup especially on nvidia mother board chip sets the most.  I need to test this out using FC4 and FC5 sometime to see if the problems are still there.  I always thought this was an nvidia driver problem but you are also getting it using the nv drivers.  Thanks for the info.


Favorite rant:  "Nvidia seems to think that gaming frames/second is the only thing that matters in a system, and doesn't seem to care how much thier stuff steps on the audio system.  There are no real provisions for tuning the video system and because the drivers are closed source;  there is no way that anyone can fix the problems.  Another reasson that Nvidia should open up thier drivers.  Or are they afraid that they will be too embarrased if people saw the sloppiness of the code and hardware?"