[PlanetCCRMA] Re: Running a Dell Inspiron 8100 on a Planet DAW

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Mon May 22 01:59:04 2006

 >> I spent several days looking through the Plant archives
 >> and then googled for laptops that run on a Planet setup.

 > I'm running The Planet successfully on a Dell M50,

Is this model called the Dell (Precision) M50?

 >> Did your version of FC and Planet install without a hitch
 >> and run well?

 > Yes, for the most part.  If you're doing any OpenGL you might want to
 > install the proprietary nVidia video drivers to get the hardware
 > acceleration.

Are you saying everything went well with the video drivers that came 
with FC when installing, or were there hoops to jump through?