[PlanetCCRMA] Experiences with new kernel + FC4 & FC5

John Wimbere cincykid1@yahoo.com
Mon May 15 15:53:01 2006


I just finished trying to install the new kernels with
FC5 and FC4 and I wanted to relay my experiences.

My system is based on the MSI KT6V motherboard (VIA
KT600 chipset) with an Athlon 2800+, Seagate SATA 80
GIG hard drive, 2G RAM, and an Echo Gina 3G soundcard.

First, before installing FC5 I was running FC4 with
the 2.6.10-0.4.rdt kernel and this was working very
well. I was getting 1.45ms latency at 44.1khz with
minimal xruns.

I did a fresh install of FC5 and first tried the new
rrt kernel.  I noticed higher latency (5.8) with a
significant number of xruns.  The rdt kernel, as
suggested, performed less attractively.  At least with
the new ALSA packages my Gina 3G was configured and
Echomixer was fully functional.

I then reinstalled FC4 and tried the new rrt kernel
again--same increase in latency and xruns.  But this
time my Gina 3G was undetected and no Echomixer.  

I am aware that others have mentioned the performance
shortcomings of VIA chipsets, but because FC4 with the
2.6.10-0.4.rdt kernel was working so well, I was a bit
surprised to witness the results of the new installs. 
If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, I certainly
am willing to give it another go.

In the meantime, is the 2.6.10-0.4.rdt kernel still
available for installation?

I understand all this is a work in progress, and many
thanks for all the work done past and present.  I wish
I could do more than relay my install results.


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