[PlanetCCRMA] Question on hardware hookups

Roy Vestal rvestal@trilug.org
Mon May 1 20:17:01 2006

Ok...I'm new to the DAW world (as seen by my previous questions!) so 
please bear with my naivety here. I'm familiar with analog studios and 
live sound, but not a digital studio setup.

Anyway, I've pretty much settled on getting a Delta 1010, 10 in/out TRS. 
My board, EV BK-42, has a send/receive TRS per channel. That much is a 
no brainer. My question is when recording or playing back, do I need to 
route this through one of the channels back to the board and use it as 
my "sound card", or do I need a seperate sound card in the PC?

Currently, my PC has only a SB16 PnP. I haven't purchased the Delta 1010 
yet but am planning on the purchase within the next couple of weeks. I'm 
having problems with my SB16 working at this time.

Also, I'm starting small. I currently want to go digital so I can do 
local work, such as jingles for local ad agencies, and radio as well as 
some voice overs. I'm thinking of starting with the Delta 44. My 
question:  If I want to add a second card, such as another Delta 44 or 
even a Delta 1010, will they work together?

Thanks in advance for putting up with my "noob" status and for the answers!