[PlanetCCRMA] Jack Latency with UA-5 device

PMG p_m_groarke@yahoo.ca
Thu Mar 23 00:12:01 2006

Hi everyone! I've finally decided to give ardour a
try. It scared me off at first, but now I guess I'm
ready for it :) Anyway, I've realised Jack has BIG
latency problems. When setting things to 256 frames,
44100khz, I get 11.6 ms of latency. To me, thats ok,
but when i get to ardour, i've got an extremely
distorted sound. I've tried to change ardour's frames
setting and it doesn't work. When i set the frames to
1024, evrything sounds ok, but the latency is very
noticeable. Is anyone using an edirol ua-5 (usb) with
jack? What settings should i use with a usb device?
This obviously isn't normal, if at least i could get
the 256 frames to work ok, everything would be fine.

Thanx alot! Phil

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