[PlanetCCRMA] weird horz and vert sync

Buddy Bell hhbell@bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 19 16:29:01 2006

When I first boot up my FC4 ccrma system and it starts X for the first
time the monitor reports that the frequency is invalid - says 0 hz horz
and 250kz vert or some such.  I get around it by hitting ctl-alt-bksp
and I get my login screen as normal.  I have just been putting up with
this but now I want to go Desktop-System Settings-Display to try out a
dual head setup (I know dual head works on this system - my SUSE os does
it fine)  When I click on Display the screen goes blank and I get this
invalid freq message from the monitor.  The only way out is to
ctl-alt-bksp which kicks me out of the session and I have to login
again.  Thanks for any help.  Buddy