[PlanetCCRMA] Changing playspeed of a song to adjust pitch

Jose Alburquerque jaalburquerque@cox.net
Sun Mar 19 15:19:01 2006

Hi all.  Thanks PlanetCCRMA for all your tools for sound processing on 
Linux.  Great job!  I have a simple question which I hope any of you out 
there might be able to answer:  I have some audio files which sound a 
little higher in pitch than what I would like.  It seems that they are 
playing at a faster rate than normal, kind of like playing a tape a 
little faster than normal in a tape-recorder (Unfortunately they were 
recorded that way).  I'd like to "slow down" their playspeed so that the 
pitch gets back to normal.

I'm able to use a tool which most of you might be familiar with called 
"alsaplayer" to play the songs and slow down their play speed to a 
normal pitch (have any of you tried this?).  The problem is that I need 
to "save" the slowed down version.  Can anyone suggest a program that 
might be able to "change" the speed of a song thus adjusting its pitch?  
I'd really appreciate it!  Thanks so much.

Jose Alburquerque