[PlanetCCRMA] Updating problems

Renato Fabbri renatoftato@yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 22:39:01 2006

Hi, I am having problems updating PD and just made a
little report with more deails, I will appreciate some

installing pd 0.39-2 with the --prefix=/usr from
source with jack 0.99.36 installed:

the --enable-jack flag on ./configure goes well. but
the make command output strange 3 last lines:
...s_audio_alsa.c s_audio_alsamm.c s_midi_alsa.c
> makefile.dependencies s_audio_jack.c:11:23:
jack/jack.h: No such file or directory make: ***
[makefile.dependencies] Error 1

and, when I install pd, it does not show the -jack
option when I go pd -h, neither shows an jack option
under "media" tag.

when I install jack 0.100.0, that doesnt happen, (but
then no app, pd included, comunicates with jack, but
maybe becouse I just did not unistall previous version
before installig the new one).

btw, installing jack 0.100 _over_ jack 0.99's ccrma
rpm by using the --prefix=/usr makes jack unacessible
to apps such as qjackctl and pd. fortunatelly, make
unistall, and rpm -i --force
and restarting the system restored jack's functions.


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