[PlanetCCRMA] Terratec Aureon Space 7.1

Peter Adamson padamson@ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 12 14:49:03 2006

Is there anyone using

Terratec Aureon Space 7.1

as their sound card with FC3/CCRMA?

I have spend about two days so far installing FC3 and Planet 
CCRMA on a clean disk, and tweaking things, but I get no sound 
at all.

Everything during installation appears to work fine. alsaconf 
detects the card and appears to work properly. alsamixer also 
appears to work correctly. I unmuted everything and set volumes 
to max just to be sure. There's just no sound.

Sound card detection does not appear to find the card. There is 
no delay when I click the "Play Sound" button, as there should 
be when the card is detected, but, say, you forgot to plug in 
the speakers. The "Did You Hear Anything" message comes up 

When I try the volume control it says it can't find any devices.

I am using ice-1724 and have followed all the installation/file 
editing instructions to the letter.

One last thing. The card has always been a problem but I did get 
limited use prior trying Planet CCRMA. By running

# cd alsa-driver=1.0.9a
# ./configure --with-cards=ice-1724 --with-sequencer=yes
# make
# make install

I was able to get limited use out of the card. At one sample rate 
I get one set of applications playing sound normally and the 
other set too fast. If I adjust the sample rate in alsamixer 
then the fast ones become normal and the normal ones become 

With this config I was unable to get anything at all out of 
Rosegarden which is why I tried Planet CCRMA hoping it would 
solve the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.