[PlanetCCRMA] chrooted environment and X11

Mark Knecht markknecht@gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 13:20:02 2006

Hi Karsten,
   I effectively do this on my Gentoo AMD64 machine. None of the
win32codec stuff works correctly in the 64-bit environment so I have a
completely chroot'ed 32-bit system on the 64-bit box and they both
operate just fine together.

   On my system, before I launch the 32-bit apps, I have to execute
the following command in my 64-bit environment:

xhost local:localhost

At this point the 64-bit X server will honor requests from the 32-bit
environment and runs 32-bit apps, including all the 32-bit multimedia
audio stuff, just fine.

   Note that I *think* the way this works, for both the audio and
video data is that it all goes through the /tmp space on the system.
Therefore you have to have the mount points of the two environments
use the same directories to make that work. Here's what my mounts look
like when I've run the gnetoo32 init scripts:

mark@lightning ~ $ df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3              9614148   6854880   2270892  76% /
udev                    513700       308    513392   1% /dev
/dev/sda6              3850292   2915088    739616  80% /usr/src
/dev/sda7             11543016   3186620   7770028  30% /mnt/gentoo32
/dev/sda8             14428928  11033704   2662260  81% /home
shm                     513700         0    513700   0% /dev/shm
none                    513700         0    513700   0% /tmp/jack
/dev                    513700       308    513392   1% /mnt/gentoo32/dev
/dev/shm                513700         0    513700   0% /mnt/gentoo32/dev/shm
/usr/portage           9614148   6854880   2270892  76%
/tmp                   9614148   6854880   2270892  76% /mnt/gentoo32/tmp
myth14:/video        225373664  77596256 136329088  37% /video
mark@lightning ~ $

Hopefully that's enough info for you to make some headway, assuming
there isn't some problem with Gentoo and FC4 working together, like
different glibc's or different X11's, etc.

Good luck,

On 3/4/06, karlos <k.gebbert@gmail.com> wrote:
> hello everybody,
> I have a question concerning the usage of a chroot'ed environment and
> FC4. The problem is the following: I have a functioning Gentoo
> installation on one of my partitions and I would like to use it every
> now and again 'in' FC4 for various things. Is it possible to tell this
> chroot'ed environment to use my, in FC4, running X server? Is there a
> way to specify to this environment to grab the already running
> display? Has anyone experience, subsequently tipps and methods on how
> to get where I want to go?
> Any ideas would be much appreciated!
> Karsten
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