[PlanetCCRMA] FC5 app problems

BJaY BJaY@safe-mail.net
Tue Jun 27 04:33:01 2006

/BJaY wrote:
/> /One reason why qsynth aren't saving it's settings is probably because it
/> /is not quitting cleanly, that is, it segfaults before it terminates
/> /normally. One can check that by launching qsynth from a terminal/console
/> /window, better yet under a gdb session, and try reproduceto  the
/> /suspicious same steps. Evidence must be lurking in ;)
/> It exits OK, (just says Done on the command line) and you do not have to
/> exit the program to experience the behaviour, you can just quit the setup
/> dialog and go back into it and it will have forgotten the settings. I'm
/> running music s/w as root, which seems to edit a template setup file, is
/> this correct ? This could be the source of the problem. There's nothing
/> /root/.qt at all. Perhaps I need to change my viewpoint on the root
/> the windows administrator account always just seemed a quick way of
/> circumventing security and ACL problems, this does not seem to be the
/> on linux systems.

/In case you're keep running as root, try renaming that
//usr/lib/qt-3.3/etc/settings/qsynthrc file for a change. Check if its

The file is recreated.

/Now comes that infamous developer reply: why aren't you running as a
/regular user? It's the recommended and (may I say) supported way of
/doing things safely. I have noticed that, when running as root, each Qt
/distro/installation differs on the default place to store the
/application settings file (i.e. qsynthrc). You're probably stumbling on
/one of those cases.

As I said above, it circumvents permissions problems which saves time during
development/evaluation/installation cycles.

After renaming /usr/lib/qt-3.3/etc/settings/qsynthrc I ran qsynth as root to
re-create the file but made no changes. I then logged in as a new user and
deleted /home/test/.qt/qsynthrc and ran qsynth. I added a couple of engines,
each time when exiting the setup dialog box the tabs at the bottom of the
main window showed QSynth2, QSynth3 rather than the names I had given them.
The correct names appeared when I quit and restarted the application. I then
unchecked the reverb and chorus boxes of the second two synths I had created
but these were not restored on subsequent quit / restart. Upone examination
of the qsynthrc file, I found that when I unchecked the reverb and chorus
boxes, these changes were saved (=false) but were ignored when the
application was restarted.