[PlanetCCRMA] Noisy new Sennheiser headphones

kelly khirai@ongaku.isa-geek.net
Fri Jun 23 16:36:02 2006

using the tascam us-122 usb card on my laptop in conjuction with a 
grounded amplifier requires lifting the ground on the power supply of my 

i used to use this maestro3 based card which i distinctly remember 
getting serial mouse noise off of when using the headphones (16-64ohms). 
as i recall, when it was jacked into the mixer(50000 ohms), the noise 
wasn't as bad.


Link Swanson wrote:
> On Thu, June 22, 2006 8:19 pm, Ron Pepper wrote:
>>Just got a new pair of headphones, Sennheiser 280 Pro's, to be used
>>while working on my computer. Unfortunately, I'm picking up what I
>>think is system noise, that cheaper 'phones don't detect. My system
>>is debian on a dell box. Amarok is my favorite player, but it's also
>>the noisiest. The noise is a low level hiss/buzz and can be detected
>>even when Amarok is totally muted. The noise intensifies when I move
>>the mouse around and over links, hot-spots, menus etc. I posted to
>>Amarok, and Xine, but they suggested the problem was in my system. I
>>turned off unused channels in alsamixer, but that didn't help. Same
>>noise for sessions in kde or icewm. The problem is not the headphones
>>themselves, as there is no noise when used in OSX and iTunes.
> Sounds to me like you are hearing interference from the video on your
> Dell. Does it make icky noises when you open/close/minimise/move
> application windows accross the screen? Does amaroK get noisy when there's
> a lot going on visually? Does it quiet down when you close the window but
> keep the systray icon open?
> It may be something to do with the IRQ settings for your video and audio
> systems. Ask someone for help configuring these - I can't help you, but
> others on this list know about that stuff.
> Link
>>I'm willing to try a few things, if anyone has any suggestions, but I
>>don't want to mess around with major surgery on my system. If there
>>is no obvious/likely software solution, I want to exchange the
>>headphones. In that case, can anyone suggest headphones that might
>>work better. Obviously, I'll lose some of the quality that the 280's
>>provide, but that would be better than the noise. Is there something
>>in the specs of 'phones that I should be looking for? Also, frankly I
>>don't like the closed circum-aural 280's as much as I thought I
>>would. They're a bit hot and tight. Is there a lighter open-ear
>>headphone that still might be reasonable quality that might work
>>better for me?
>>Hope my question isn't too off-topic. I've subscribed on and off to
>>the list for over a year and have been greatly helped in the past.
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