[PlanetCCRMA] Noisy new Sennheiser headphones

Brian Heinrich manager@ckxu.com
Thu Jun 22 22:59:00 2006

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What about grounding issues on your Dell? -- we had a ground issue with 
a mic cable that for some months wrought havoc with how headphones sounded.

In that case, it caused ground discharge through the board and did weird 
things to the sound of 'phones, but I've come across certain ground 
(more appropriately, short circuit) issues in the past that result in a 
pronounced hiss rather than a hum.

Just a tho't. . . .


On 22.06.06 23:08 (-0600 UTC), Ron Pepper wrote:

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> I'm running OSX on a Mac and that "system" has no noise that I can
> detect thru the Senn 280's. I just mentioned this to verify that the
> noise is not a defect in the headphones. My Linux box (the Dell) is a
> separate machine. I tried your suggestion and lowered the volume
> control on Amarok as low as possible (1-2%) and raising the master
> volume on Kmix. I also tried it the other way around, and get about
> the same amount of noise either way.
> You mentioned the Sennheiser 280's require a "fair amount of output
> to reach a decent level". Does this mean that headphones that require
> less might not be as noisy? I'm wondering if there's some kind of
> output spec that would give me better results.
> Thanks,
> Ron

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