[PlanetCCRMA] installing kernel sources in fc3

bill sack wsack@buffalo.edu
Thu Jun 22 06:45:02 2006

hello all,
i need to build a new kernel in order to use apm on my old non-acpi 
notebook. i'd also like to have the kernel sources and includes 
installed so that i can try to compile other things (e.g. ndiswrapper) 
against them.

i grabbed the package called kernel-2.6.10-2.1.ll.src.rpm to match the 
kernel i'm using right now - the question is: what do i do now? i'd like 
to get the kernel sources installed at /usr/src/ or something and config 
and build a new kernel the way i did when i was using non-ccrma rh 5, 6, 
7.2 (ugh), 9, etc. and use the patches already applied to this kernel. 
is it possible? what is the magic rpmbuild command? many thanks in advance.

bill sack