[PlanetCCRMA] Re: acoustic measurements

Andres Cabrera andres@geminiflux.com
Fri Jun 16 07:16:01 2006

I haven't really had a look, but Fons Andriessen did a workshop at LAC
2006 regarding impulse response recording.
You can find it here:
And more information here:


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> Hi
>  I want to make acoustical measurements of some reverberant spaces around my school, Monterey Peninsula College, as a project for a recording class.  I can have at my disposal a Motu ADC, hard disk recording software and a few mikes with booms.  I want to measure the impulse response first,  then maybe find some nodes and anti-nodes at a few frequencies.  Is anyone on the list able to point me to some information, web or published on usual procedures for making these kind of measurements?  In particular how do you make the impulsive sound in such a way as to keep it exactly the same through a number of measurements?
>  tnx, Paul Mitchell
>  Monterey Ca