[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia driver & planetccrma-core-edge-smp

George Chan george@goodmusic.ca
Thu Jul 27 18:09:01 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm a current Slackware user about to switch (either tonight or
tomorrow) to Planet CCRMA.

I will be installing the planetccrma-core-edge-smp kernel onto a
dual-cpu, dual-core AMD Opteron system with a GeForce 6600GT video card
and an RME-9632 card.

How do I get the Nvidia drivers installed (preferably with an RPM)?
And, does the Nvidia driver work OK with this kernel?

And, when I was checking out Planet CCRMA on FC5 (a REALLY quick
installation!) a little while ago, I was never able to get both of my
monitors working.  

If I can get the Nvidia drivers installed, I can simply manually edit
the xorg.conf file to get both monitors working with TwinView.

Thanks in advance for your help!