[PlanetCCRMA] new computer advise

Oded Ben-Tal oded@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jul 8 18:50:22 2006

dear all,

My current laptop is starting to make strange noises, which probably means 
its time to look for a new one. I would like to seek some advice about 
possibilities for new computer.
Currently I am running dual boot win/linux(fc3) on an ibm thinkpad with an 
audio quattro soundcard. I use clm in xemacs, pd, and snd most of the 
time, I rarely use other sound applications (audacity), and occasionally 
use other application such as gimp, openoffice, etc.
What I don't like in my current system (and would like to solve if I am 
getting a new one) is that whil I can get 4-channel audio output on my 
quattro card from clm/snd I can't get pd to do the same (I am running pd 
with alsa. Jack doesn't like my audio configuration).
While I mostly use the computer for composition work and preparing 
lectures, I occasionally need to use it in a performance situation.

So if you had good/bad experiences with a recent laptop it would be good 
to hear.
Another question for those with more experience with running pd in concert 
situations: how dangerous will it be to work on a desktop and just install 
everything I need on a laptop when I have a concert? how about relying on 
installing pd+myfiles on a local computer?
This might not be the most appropriate forum to ask but anyone here 
using clm, snd, and pd with Mac OS?