[PlanetCCRMA] more questions. . . .

Brad Fuller brad@sonaural.com
Sat Jul 1 20:20:08 2006

Brian Heinrich wrote:
> It's becoming clear that people here would rather spend money on a
> Windows licence and monolithic Windows apps than make the switch to
> Linux -- because they're familiar with Doze and apparently have brains
> that are full and are incapable of taking in any additional knowledge.
Are speaking of this mailing list? I dont' see that and I think people
on this list are quite sharp.

> This means that there are some issues that I need to address:
> 1.  I don't recall if I had to do this before doing the re-install,
> but every time I boot into Linux, I find myself running alsaconf in
> order to get MIDI.
Question? That's not my experience. What distro?

> 2.  That alsamixer doesn't save state is an irritant.  Fernando had
> suggested that 'alsactl store' 'will store the current (not
> necessarily the right) settings of the card - in the /etc/asound.conf
> file.'  Could someone clarify this?  FWIU, it would mean that we
> wouldn't have to run alsamixer or envy24control every time someone
> boots into Linux.
I can't help you. It has worked for me in both FC3 and FC5
> 3.  While I'm more interested in Ardour than Audacity, that seems to
> be the one most people are interested in -- perhaps because they know
> it 'cos it has some penetration in the Windows world.  However,
> Audacity takes about 10 seconds to launch (as opposed to Ardour's two
> seconds) and there's about a three-second delay between pressing play
> and getting playback.  Is this something that could be addressed
> through oss2jack?
Probably would be worse. Why don't you rebuild Audacity with jack support?

> 4.  I was delighted with the sound quality of ALSA that I was getting
> through Ardour, but less than impressed by the OSS sound of Audacity. 
> There's no GUI way to change it to use ALSA, but I'm wondering about
> editing ~.audacity to so that the input device is /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c
> and the playback device is /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p.  Is that doable?
> I apologise for all the questions, but I believe it really is in our
> best interests to make the transition from Windows to Linux . . . and
> to do so sooner rather than later. . . .
maybe you sent this to the wrong mailing list?