[PlanetCCRMA] No asfxload binary for awesfx

Nigel Henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Fri Jan 6 14:51:01 2006

Hi Fernando. Having had many complaints about suggesting using sfxload for 
installing soundfonts, I'm querying why there isn't a binary for asfxload 
when the awesfx package is installed. Personally, I couldn't give a damn. 
Whether sfxload, or asfxload loads the soundfonts. As long as I can play midi 
files, either is good enough for me, but there seems to be some some sort of 
war going on between Alsa and OSS. If the awesfx package can be rebuilt to 
include the asfxload binary, I believe this will calm the warmongers down. I 
have no intentions of moving back to that other OS, but some people on Linux 
mailing lists seem to give you the impression that even if you dare to 
critisise Linux, you find yourself on the No 1 hitlist. Nigel. 

ps: Humans. Hell: Even though my dog bites me now and then, he doesn;t give me 
all this crap I get off mailing lists from humans. Hell man, they must have 
so many chips on their shoulders.