[PlanetCCRMA] Rosegarden4 on fedora 4 x86_64

marco.m@westnet.com.au marco.m@westnet.com.au
Tue Jan 3 14:16:48 2006


I have installed the ccrma rosegarden4, jack-audio-connection and
qsynth on my AMD 64 machine which is running fedora4 x86_64.
Rosegarden appears to start fine but it is slow and the message "jack
... is losing sample frames" appears often. 

When I started fluidsynth using qsynth the following appeared:

21:15:09.877 Qsynth1: Creating synthesizer engine...
21:15:10.934 Qsynth1: Loading soundfont:
"/home/marco/drivers/soundfont_files/harmo5.SF2" (bank offset 0)...
21:15:11.712 Qsynth1: Creating audio driver (jack)...
21:15:11.715 Qsynth1: Creating MIDI router (alsa_seq)...
21:15:11.715 Qsynth1: Creating MIDI driver (alsa_seq)...
21:15:11.718 Qsynth1: Creating MIDI player...
21:15:11.719 Qsynth1: fluid_synth_program_reset()
21:15:11.725 Qsynth1: Synthesizer engine started.
21:15:11.726 Qsynth1: fluid_synth_set_gain(1)
21:15:11.726 Qsynth1: fluid_synth_set_reverb(0.2,0,0.5,1)
21:15:11.726 Qsynth1: fluid_synth_set_chorus(3,2,0.3,8,0)
fluidsynth: warning: Failed to pin the sample data to RAM; swapping
is possible.

When I tried to lsiten to a midi file it appeared but I could not
hear it being played (as I was able to on an older machine running
the ccrma kernels on fedora 3 and on the old system no warnings

My questions are a) Is your software able to be used using the
standard kernels and b) on a x86_64 system.

I would appreciate your assistance with this.



I am using the standar