[PlanetCCRMA] Re: LMMS 0.1.4 spec file / changing repos

PMG p_m_groarke@yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 28 16:57:00 2006

Hello, I've been using LMMS for a while now. At the
time I installed it, I didn't know it was dangerous to
mix repos. Everything went fine, I downloaded all
devel packages from livna, and everything I needed
there. I remember there was 1 devel package that had
CCRMA's name in it so I couldn't upgrade. I got a
version from the net (RPM search I think). Anyway,
Everything is fine for me, and adding LMMS to CCRMA
would be a good idea. If you have any questions on how
my packages are organized, just ask them with the
command I need to run to give you the results.

Is there a guide, or tutorial that explains how to
manage repos? I would be really happy to help out
Fernando, which seems to be a martyr of some sort :)
This might get Hydrogen v0.9.3 and the new Audacity
faster to the CCRMA repos (I am really awaiting those
releasses). Maybe it's to complicated, maybe not. If
anyone can point me in the right direction, I'll help
out the best I can. Personally, I think mixing CCRMA
with Extras wouldn't be that great. The CCRMA should
more likely try to keep up to date with dependencies
and other repos. If the people who said they would
help out do, I guess it will be possible.


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