[PlanetCCRMA] re: Newbie can't get FC4 installed...White screen of Death

Joe Fay wb0fhu@aol.com
Thu Feb 23 20:15:01 2006

Success!!!  I finally got FC4 installed.  Thanks to all who made good 
suggestions, such as Fernando, BJay, and Nigel!  You all (yes, I'm from the 
south ;  ) pointed me in the right direction.  As it wound up, here's what 
the situation was, and the resolution:
1.  Fernando pointed me towards the video card.
2.  Nigel called my video card to a tee, as one that he'd had trouble with 
in the past.
3.  Bjay's comments were confirmation to what everyone else said.
4.  I went out today with an armload of my old serviceable cards, and went 
to a dealer
     who had some old used stuff, as well as new stock.
5.  I traded out my old stuff, plus $20 for an old isa video card (My mb 
dosen't have an
     AGP slot) an old S3 critter with 2mb of ram, plus a new audio card with 
four  channels and a Linux driver for the card, with full instructions as to 
how to install the driver.

When I had installed everything, I said a little prayer and turned on the 
machine.  The install coughed up a hair ball, but no white screen of 
death!!!  I had gone with the CUSTOM install route the first time, so I 
decided I would just do the basic WORKSTATION install.  Everything then went 
like clockwork and installed in 30 minutes.  The system rebooted right into 
further setup, and then into FC4 and the Gnome desktop.  I played around a 
bit, then held my breath, shut the machine all the way down, with the DVD 
out of the reader, and it booted right back into Gnome...no problems.

Now all I have to do is go get the right Jack, Rosegarden, and Ardour files 
off the net, and then download the CCRMA.  But at least I have a fresh 
install of FC4.

Thanks for your great responses and your help to me.  Hope I can do as well 
for someone else.  I tried two other lists to get answers, but only got them 
here.  I will be around for some time to come.  I look forward to making 
music on Linux, and getting rid of XP.

Joe Fay, WO0O