[PlanetCCRMA] Thanks to every one for your help and should I stick around on Planet ccrma?

Bal Dobe baldobe2000@yahoo.de
Tue Feb 21 16:20:02 2006

Thanks to everyone for all your time, help and patience with me on this.

As some of you may have seen I have had more than my fair share of grief
with planet ccrma kernels both on FC3 and FC4.  A few people here have
been very helpful in guiding and assisting me.  

Even though I have not been totally successful at installing the ccma
apps and Kernel someone here did direct me to ubuntu and this led me to
install Kubuntu and KubuntuAMD64 kernels.  

I am now on my way to setting up my system and the learning experience
here has been very useful indeed.  At one stage I really was wondering
if I had made a mistake in coming over to linux!  

My possible last question is: should I stick around here any more.  I am
not going to be running a ccrma kernel since I will be using a/demudi
based system so would my time here really be spent wisely?

Many thanks everyone.


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Bal Dobe wrote:

>I have the list of all the ccrma audio apps and I could install each
>by typing
>Apt-get install "application"
>But is there a way that I can automate this so that it can be done all
>in one go?  I know that one can write scripts but I have never done
>so can some one point me in the right directions please.
>I was thinking of just cutting and pasting the apt-get install into a
>txt file and copying into a terminal.
>There must be a better way to do this..
>Many thanks once again.
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use synaptic , which is a GUI for apt-get
apt-get install synaptic
open synaptic
select as many apps as you like ( mark for installation) , click apply ,

and Bob's your uncle ,
 have fun  with planet ccrma  - make music.

cheers ,

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