[PlanetCCRMA] ccrma on gentoo

Benjamin Hardy drycellbattery@yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 20 23:53:00 2006

> Those of is using Gentoo would certainly be
> happy to have a low latency kernel as a maintained
> package instead of having to grab stuff and do it
>all ourselves as we do today.

I thought that was part of the thrill of using Gentoo.

It's okay for one machine but putting Gentoo on a
bunch of computers would be loads of work and time,
unless all the computers shared the same specs.

Given the ease of using Fedora, Suse or any of the deb
and rpm distros (well that varies of course, I'm
having issues with Demudi/Debian). I'd like to see
Mandrake or Suse have a highly maintained kernel as
they have been the easiest and most complete distros
I've ever used. It helps that they have KDE by
default, but that's my preference. However, I don't
think that Suse or Mandrake are free, except maybe the
community / development releases. I haven't kept up
with what they've been doing.

A binary distro is less burdensome, but again that's
just me. I have a hunch though that alot of people
here would prefer sticking to some rpm based. A lot of
people like thier DAWs to just work, without too much


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