[PlanetCCRMA] re: ccrma on Gentoo

PMG p_m_groarke@yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 20 11:18:02 2006

Hey there, I haven't been using Linux for a long time
but I've realised that Gentoo seems a really great
dist. I've decided to install it for a double-boot
with CCRMA, and guess what? It's too damn
complicated!! Really, I've read a good part of the
installation guide and am most of the time very lost.
Why don't they make a visual install? I've even been
able to install debian/agnula back then, but Gentoo is

Anyway, to get to the point, I'm sure it would be
great having a Gentoo port of ccrma (kernel at least),
but FC should be the main worry. I think most
musicians don't know much in computers, when you get
CCRMA, it's a "all-in-the-box", kinda simple solution
for good qulity recording and productivity. Installing
CCRMA is SO easy, even easier than Windows! I
personally think moving to Gentoo would discourage
many users who don't have the time, or patience to
learn that much. Just my thought, See ya.

P.S. Wish me good luck for my Gentoo install, hehe.
Chow, Phil

>   Hi,
>   I've been following ccrma from a while when i
decided to upgrade
> my RH9 system to ccrma. I don't want to start one of
these "my
> distro is better than yours" thread, but whatsoever
i feel
> compelled to reallly recommend to branch ccrma into
gentoo (as an
> alternative to FC5?). If for anything else, the huge
> benefit of providing a source repository and
relaxing the need for
> having to "update" binary packages from time to
>   Supporting ccrma as a gentoo overlay, would
require just keeping
> up to date a set of .ebuild script files, meaning
that ccrma can
> keep edgy while reducing the burden for the
>   I know it's not going to happen any time soon, and
it's likely it
> won't happen ever. But maybe if a critical amount of
people feel
> the same about this, it could.
>   Thoughts?


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