[PlanetCCRMA] ccrma on gentoo

Rickey Moore wayward4now@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 19 17:56:01 2006

> --- Charlls Quarra <charlls_quarra@yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> >  
> >   Hi,
> >    
> >   I've been following ccrma from a while when i decided to
> upgrade
> > my RH9 system to ccrma. I don't want to start one of these "my
> > distro is better than yours" thread, but whatsoever i feel
> > compelled to reallly recommend to branch ccrma into gentoo (as an
> > alternative to FC5?). If for anything else, the huge management
> > benefit of providing a source repository and relaxing the need
> for
> > having to "update" binary packages from time to time. 
> >   Supporting ccrma as a gentoo overlay, would require just
> keeping
> > up to date a set of .ebuild script files, meaning that ccrma can
> > keep edgy while reducing the burden for the maintainers.
> >   I know it's not going to happen any time soon, and it's likely
> it
> > won't happen ever. But maybe if a critical amount of people feel
> > the same about this, it could.
> >    
> >   Thoughts?

Jeeeez... I haven't a clue what happened to my draft response, but
I'll re-do...

I'm using FC4, and using YUM I have no problems updating the system.
It just does it automatically, and I check the logfile every once in
awhile just to see what it has been up to. No problems, nary a burp
in the barrel. So, the old 'update' method has been abandoned for
awhile, in favor of yum. 

Since one of the maintainers of the sound module portion of the
kernel works for RedHat, it is probably much easier for the
maintainers to keep a relationship there, I would imagine. Maybe
gentoo would like to hire him away for alot more bucks? The another
maintainer works for SuSe (Novell), who maintains the ALSA and
drivers portions to the kernel so that would be a better choice, to
my way of thinking, if a change were needed. Ric

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