[PlanetCCRMA] ccrma on gentoo

Mark Knecht markknecht@gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 15:00:02 2006

On 2/19/06, Charlls Quarra <charlls_quarra@yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been following ccrma from a while when i decided to upgrade my RH9
> system to ccrma. I don't want to start one of these "my distro is better
> than yours" thread, but whatsoever i feel compelled to reallly recommend to
> branch ccrma into gentoo (as an alternative to FC5?). If for anything else,
> the huge management benefit of providing a source repository and relaxing
> the need for having to "update" binary packages from time to time.
> Supporting ccrma as a gentoo overlay, would require just keeping up to date
> a set of .ebuild script files, meaning that ccrma can keep edgy while
> reducing the burden for the maintainers.
> I know it's not going to happen any time soon, and it's likely it won't
> happen ever. But maybe if a critical amount of people feel the same about
> this, it could.
> Thoughts?

?* This would be great!*/

OK, it would be beyond great, but it's probably not all that likely to
happen because it would require a CCRMA person (Fernando or the person
they are hiring this month) run some Gentoo boxes and do the builds
there as a first test. Those of is using Gentoo would certainly be
happy to have a low latency kernel as a maintained package instead of
having to grab stuff and do it all ourselves as we do today.