[PlanetCCRMA] Kernel status

Pablo hpsilva@servidor.unam.mx
Fri Feb 17 10:42:01 2006

Hello Fernando:

Sorry if I'm completely unaware of some development, but I'd like to 
ask about what's keeping the whole series of the later Fedora kernels 
at the "experimental" stage? Is this due to something in the 2.6 kernel 
versions? The Molnar patches?

Is there hope that we might have a non-experimental Planet CCRMA kernel 
for any of the Fedora Core versions anytime soon? The latest SMP 
kernels I've tried behave rather weirdly with my motherboard, and won't 
recognize the mouse and keyboard correctly even when the non-SMP kernel 
of the same number will, so I haven't even been able to get to the 
point wher I can try and configure my RME soundcard with ALSA, which 
continues to be another awful hassle I won't get into here... I'd just 
like to get a DAW working that I can use to convince my students to try 
Linux alternatives, but this has proven to be a bit disheartening, even 
if I don't mind working a bit and learning a bit more than with other