[PlanetCCRMA] Fwd: [music-dsp] Official posistion of Roland Corp. about Copyrights.

Jeff Farr moogah@gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 08:28:02 2006

Seriously, these people are so full of crap.  I say do what you will
with their old products and trademarks.   "unfair competition"?! 
PLEASE, get real.  I make no argument about the legal issues here. 
Simply a common sense approach based on the existence of large number
of people with a great love for Rolands vintage line who would like to
keep those old machines around in some form or another, not a single
one of which presents even a marginal threat to Rolands market share. 
 And, no, not one of their recent products is more than a pretender to
the throne.

And, in case you don't speak lawyer, let me translate this for you:

"I hope this answers all your questions. Once again, Roland very much
appreciates your willingness to cooperate in the protection of
Roland's intellectual property. Only by protecting its intellectual
property will Roland be in a position to continue to design and
manufacture its innovative products for many generation to come."

roughly equates to:

"Fuck Off."

Sorry if this is harsh or uncalled for but Rolands attitude on this
issue really pisses me off.  they've stated repeatedly that they have
no interest in supporting their older stuff (christ for the number of
times some group or other has begged for another x0x)... they make it
hard to even get a service manual for their old synths.  Even worse is
all this new garbage they stick the old names on.  If thats their
market, thats fine.  But leave those of use who really like the old
stuff alone to our own devices, we wern't about to buy any of your new
stuff anyway.