[PlanetCCRMA] (RESOLVED) frustrated with midi - finding no help

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 14:31:02 2006


I DO totally agree with you!  - and have for some time....
due to other baaad experiences I've had in the past of
mixing repos and apt/yum methods.

The main reason I fell in to this is because this machine
had originally been set up to serve another purpose. I was
very careful about which repos I was using, and only mixing
the "suggested" ones (atrpms being one of them).  It wasn't
until recently that I decided to take another closer look at
how music apps are coming along under Linux (I switched
to Linux in 1998 and had to abandon my music *sob*)

Anyway, I guess I was TOO eager to get started... and just
commented out the other repos (knowing they'd be a bad mix)
and just setting up for CCRMA.  The thing I did NOT do, was
wipe clean all the RPMs I'd already gotten from the other repos!

So, now... my recommendation for anyone interested in getting
started with Linux/Music quickly and easily... I'm going to have
to strongly suggest a FRESH install.. preferably with an audio-based
distro (CCRMA / ANGULA), and a well supported, full featured card
(Delta 1010LT for me).   If I had just STARTED with that, I would
have been making music within the day, rather than 2 weeks
and half a head of hair later.   ;)


On 2/14/06, Nigel Henry <cave.dnb@tiscali.fr> wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 09:56, David Slimp wrote:
> > Thanks to everyone who offered some help with this!
> >
> > I finally got it figured out! :)
> >
> > Fernando (at Planet CCRMA) went above and beyond what I would
> > have expected - special thanks to you.
> >
> > ... anyway, he ultimately suggested it was some kind of alsa install/config
> > problem and asked me for alsa RPM package names on my system.
> > Everything looked good, but I decided to pursue this further.
> > Ultimately, I think there was some kind of package conflict that wasn't
> > showing up as an error anywhere!
> >
> > When I originally set up this FC3 system, I was using some various
> > apt/yum repositories... one being ATRPMS.  I noticed that a Flac package
> > came from there. I knew CCRMA would have it's own flac package, and
> > so tried to remove it, but libOggFLAC1 had dependancies... knowing I'd
> > install the CCRMA version right away I ignored deps...
> >
> > For anyone in the future who has this problem.. here is my history
> > of commands (as root):
> >
> > # looking for any/all packaged files that might have changed
> >  rpm -Va
> > # I noticed a couple alsa/sound related file saying "prelink has changed"
> > # I got suspicious, and checked one
> > rpm -qif /usr/lib/libOggFLAC.so.1.0.2
> > # turned out the libOggFLAC package came from ATRPMS, so I decided
> > # to remove these, and grab the CCRMA versions to be safe.
> > rpm -e flac SDL_sound dosbox --nodeps
> > apt-get install flac
> > rpm -qif /usr/lib/libOggFLAC.so.1
> > rpm -e libOggFLAC1    # failed - lots of dependancies
> > rpm -e libOggFLAC1 vorbis-tools  alsaplayer flac-devel libOggFLAC1
> > libFLAC++4 libFLAC6 libOggFLAC++0 grip --nodeps
> > # make sure we fix anything - get up to date stuff
> > apt-get install -f
> > # go ahead and find ALL packages from ATRPMS, to be safe
> > rpm -qa | grep "\.at"
> > # there were MANY, but let's just remove a few alsa/sound ones to start
> > rpm -e libsndfile1 mjpegtools libsndfile lame libasound2
> > libsndfile-devel --nodeps
> > # try to get needed/required packages again
> > apt-get install -f    # this failed for some reason (i forget)
> > rpm -e mplayer kino dvtitler ffmpeg transcode planetccrma-audiovideoapps
> > apt-get install  libsndfile
> > apt-get install planetccrma-audiovideoapps
> >
> >
> > NOW... after that little bit, I can run kmidimon, muse, qsynth and
> > everything seems to be working perfectly!
> >
> > I'm sure more packages need to be cleaned up, and maybe some
> > of those didn't NEED to be touched, but hopefully this will be helpful
> > to others who run in to this.... or people trying to help others who have
> > a similar problem.  --- CHECK FOR PACKAGE CONFLICTS !!!
> >
> > thanks again,
> > David
> Hi David. Having followed this thread and seen your problems, the one thing I
> would suggest is only using on a regular basis, one repository. Having
> experienced doing an apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade when having more than one
> repo available, and consequently having problems, I think the one repo option
> is the way to go. If you are using mainly planetccrma music apps, then
> perhaps it makes sense to use their repo. There's nothing wrong with having
> the other repo's available, but commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list. As
> there are apps, unrar from dag, for instance, that are not available from
> planetccrma, it is usefull to be able to see in synaptic what is available
> from these other repo's. I'm not knocking any of the repositories. But would
> suggest that you just use one, for your apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrades, so as
> to avoid any possible conflicts. If there is something specific that you are
> looking for, uncomment the other repo's, do an apt-get update, look in
> synaptic, and if it's there do an apt-get install for the package, then
> re-comment the repo's. My problem wasn't as bad as yours by the way. Nigel.
> Axel. No offense to you, but mixing repo's do seem to create some problems
> from time to time.
> >