[PlanetCCRMA] FC1 to FC4 upgrade decision

Tom Poe tom@studioforrecording.org
Mon Feb 13 14:12:01 2006

Fernando:  It was an experience, for sure.  As a user, with no sysadmin 
experience, it didn't work out so well for me.  I had CCRMA on a PIII 
and was able to create about 30 minutes of compilation material in 
Ardour, before the system got into trouble, spacewise/memory?  The 
results can be heard at:

Since I don't have access to a CD/RW drive, and was on dialup at 56k, it 
was a no-go to keep up with upgrades.  So, I now have DSL (26kB/sec 
download), and that makes it minimally possible to keep up.  I decided 
to purchase FC4 CDs from Cheapbytes, and try an upgrade from old FC1 
install straight to FC4.  The upgrade went OK, but I got into trouble 
when I tried to install new Apt application.  I ran into dependency 
problems.  I attempted to pursue those by using the "rpm -e package" 
approach.  Because I know so little about what I'm looking at, I just 
got too nervous, as I began to see more and more dependencies that 
appeared tied to Gnome libraries, etc.  I worried that one of the 
commands would remove a critical code that locks me up and breaks the 
system completely.  I finally decided to abandon the attempt.  I went 
ahead and moved data files to another server, and install the FC4 from 
scratch.  That install seems to have gone smoothly.  I will now move to 
install CCRMA.  I'm goin' in, wish me luck.   :)

Thank you very much for your help, and I can only say, I wish I knew 
more about how computers work.  It would have been a nice tutorial at 
some point, I think.  Will keep you posted on progress, and for sure, 
will want to ask questions, when I come to them.
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