[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie to ccrma: need help with FC 3 for Julia Sound card and to install Planet CCRMA

Bal Dobe baldobe2000@yahoo.de
Mon Feb 13 00:23:01 2006

Thanks David.

The SC  Is " Possible to support, but no driver has been written yet".
However, I know that I can get sound from it because when I boot up with
FC4 I can get sound output.

I shall set some time aside to do the ccrma install and then take it for


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Personally, I see no reason not to continue on with the CCRMA
install. Worst case is that sound still won't work, but you WILL
be further down the path to where you ultimately want to be.
Best case is that the new packages will fix the problem "automatically".

Once you've got that installed, let us know how you're trying
to hear/play sound?  ... is jack running or not?  What player
are you using?  I assume you're using a sound file you KNOW
has made sound in the past?  Check the Alsa Soundcard matrix
to make sure your specific card is supported:


On 2/12/06, Bal Dobe <baldobe2000@yahoo.de> wrote:
> Hi, I have just joined the mailing list and this is my first post.
> I would like to install planet ccrma on my AMD 64 machine.  I
installed FC 4
> and tried to install planet ccrma but had no luck so I decided to
> FC3 on a separate partition on the same drive and will install the low
> latency kernel on that.
> I have FC3 installed and working except for the sound, I can not get
> sound out.  I am using a ESI Julia Pro Soundcard and have tried un
> and looking in control centre but still no sound out.  (I can get
sound out
> from the FC4 install).
> FC3 was defaulting to the on board sound which I have disabled in the
> now since I have no need for it.
> Can anyone help me to get my Julia soundcard working please.  (I have
> this question on linux questions  .org but had no luck so far.)
> My plan is to get FC3 working before attempting to install planet
ccrma. Is
> this a sensible way to go?
> Do I have to get the soundcard working before I go through the planet
> install for FC3 or can I just go ahead and install planet?
> Many thanks for any help in advance.
> baldo

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