[PlanetCCRMA] Carlos' song & setting yum repositories (fc3)

PMG p_m_groarke@yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 11 21:44:01 2006

Hello there! I've got two thing to say. First off,
I've listened to your song Carlos, and wow, I'm
impressed. That's really a nice peice of music, very
pro and I like the soft ambience. The guitars are very
nice to. Is it all improvised? Anyway, merci a toi
pour ta contribution au monde musicale de Linux.

And now for our feature presentation... hum hum, I've
been having a couple of problems with the repositories
(I've already posted about these) and would like to
set up my CCRMA repositories for yum (Apt-get just
doesn't work for me). I'm pretty lost, I've been able
to add livna repos, and many others though. Everything
is in the /etc/yum.conf file. It's actually pretty big
(I've got many repos, I copied all of them from a
tutorial somewhere). I guess all these repos would
cause problems, so I could disable them... If someone
could help me out with this it would be really cool,
cause I need some -dev packages.  Thanx. Phil


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