[PlanetCCRMA] SB Live (ca0106) and hundreds of xrun messages

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 07:15:02 2006

Well, perhaps a bit too "harsh", but could be rightfully so.

I finally gave up on the "SB Live 24bit!" card myself.
For a full 4 days (10am-10pm) of struggling, googling,
reading, posting for help, trying/testing, etc I seemed
to battle my way through each step of first getting
jack to work, then fixing things for each app I was
interested in... and finally calling it quits before getting
"duplex" mode working in jack (only playback). and
no sequencer started either.

I saw several posts about the Delta 1010LT and decided
I'd give it a try.

WOW!  I turned the machine off (running FC3 and CCRMA),
swapped out the SB Live for the new Delta 1010LT and fired
it up.  The card was perfectly detected, and alsa sound
just worked.  After a minute of resetting qjackctrl back to
original (pre-SB Live) settings, jack was up and running !
Ardour and fluidsynth... no problems at all.  I'd say the
time savings ALONE make that card well worth it!
And that says nothing about the savings of your mental
state.. not having to deal with a stressful configure session.

I'm really going to recommend that starting off with a good,
stable, well supported (in linux) card is worth much more than
it's weight in gold.

The only other tip I can provide to provide to people starting
off, is to check the input/output settings on your card after you
first install/reboot.. it's an easy "gotcha" to miss.


On 2/9/06, greg mccourt <greg.mccourt@ef.com> wrote:
> Sorry... I guess I was a bit negative in my last post, but I've only been
> frustrated with this card. Currently living and working in Indonesia, all
> the shops only seem to be stocking this card at the moment, so I bought one.
> Yeah, it's cheap for a card that claims such specs and I would have been
> happy with a clean 2channel 16bit card, really. I'd be willing to pay more,
> but I just don't have access to any better hardware on the market here in
> Indonesia, and customs will charge me triple if I import one from abroad.
> At one time I did get it to work in 2-channel playback only. Recently, I had
> to do a re-install of FC3 and the Planet (don't ask...) and now it doesn't
> work at all, and I get very cryptic low-level errors. Who knows? the card
> may just be a faulty piece of hardware? I may try a new install, but I think
> I am going to look around for a better supported sound card first.
> If you get capture working, please post as I could never get this to work
> with this card. I think you may be concerned about this as well. Have you
> tried capturing any input?
> I've posted all my configuration and errors to this list. Fernando thought
> everything looked correct. I've since given up on this card, but I'll try to
> find time to have another go at it again.
> Anyway, It is good to hear someone got this card working (for playback).
> Capture is your next challenge! Good work.
> Greg