[PlanetCCRMA] SB Live (ca0106) and hundreds of xrun messages

David Slimp rock808@gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 11:39:01 2006

Hmmm.. Well, I just said in the last message
that I DID get it to work.

I'm not sure exactly how well yet... or to what
extent, but I am able to run qjackctl, hydrogen, qsynth, and ardour

I still have more testing to do... being a $30 card I don't
expect much out of it.  I'll report back with my findings.

Have you tried making the changes (settings) I mentioned
in the last post?  I think the BIGGEST factor was setting
the Audio setting to "Playback only".... rather than "Duplex".

I don't know how this will end up affecting me, but haven't
noticed anything in the last 8 hours.

What are settings are YOU using ?


On 2/8/06, greg mccourt <greg.mccourt@ef.com> wrote:
> Hi. I bought the same card. It sucks! I've had the same problems you are
> experiencing and more. No solutions. I don't think Fernando should be
> chasing after Creative SB inconsistancies---the community really needs to
> send them the message that we won't buy their products unless they can
> deliver quality consistant products. I'll trade my new SB 7.1s for an older
> SB Live Value! At least the later works...
>  DON'T BUY A SB 7.1! I don't know why Alsa claims it's supported because
> I've bought two and neither work under Planet or any Alsa driver i've tried.
> Jack just pukes at it.
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>  Thanks, Fernando...
>  I think I had several issues (and still may have more soon),
>  but your suggestions got me to try a few more things.
>  I finally ended up with qjackctl settings of
>   Frames/Period = 512
>   Sample Rate = 48000
>   Periods/Buffer = 3
>   Audio = Playback only (BIGGEST FACTOR)
>  giving me a latency of 32msec
>  and qjackctl messages like:
>          load = 6.4089 max usecs: 682.000, spare = 9984.000
>  I have no idea if this is good or not, but at least I'm now
>  able to play a song with hydrogen and use my external
>  midi keyboard and qsynth.
>  I'm now mostly worried what the "playback only"
>  is going to mean for me.
>  Next test will be to see what I can do with ardour,
>  and rosegarden (which I've never been able to get
>  working due to "rosegarden can't start sequencer").
>  thanks again,
>  David