[PlanetCCRMA] Re: PlanetCCRMA digest, Vol 1 #1819 - 2 msgs

Beepo / Vanguard beepo@vanguard.fi
Mon Aug 28 13:41:01 2006

> With that said, I'm trying to figure out how to syncronize them. I've
> figured out how to use JACK from within Ardour to connect and get
> Hydrogen as an input(s), but how do get them to sync-start on the rec
> button in Ardour?
> TIA,
> Roy


First have Jack, Ardour and Hydrogen running and a project open in both of

Then check Ardour: Windows -> Options editor -> sync tab that you have
selected 'Jack time master' and Positional sync: 'Sync with Jack'

Then activate from Hydrogen the Jack trans. button just below the Midi-in

Now, when you start playing / recording / move the edit cursor from the
Ardour the Hydrogen should follow.

Best regards: