[PlanetCCRMA] making sound work FC5

tom poe tompoe@fngi.net
Fri Aug 11 09:54:00 2006

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I sent the below message to my daughter in Minneapolis, who is running 
FC5, CCRMA, and having sound issues, e.g., not being able to use 
audacity to record, or xlite softphone to record through microphone.  At 
one point, while running through the steps, she discovered all was 
working, i.e., she could record with audacity, and she could complete 
the audio tuning steps for xlite.  She's afraid to reboot, and see what 
happens.  :)

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions and help.

Hi, Heather:  Here's 'Da Plan:

su to root, and at the root prompt:
1]  #> yum check-update and hit return
2]  #> yum update and hit return, then, click y when prompted
3]  #> yum install qjackctl if it is not already installed (you can 
check by typing 'locate qjackctl'
4]  #> yum install meterbridge and hit return
5]  #> yum install gamix and hit return

1] bring up qjackctl (it should be displayed on the sound and video menu 
at the top of the desktop)
2] look for the start button and click.  It should light up with all 
green stuff.  If there are red thingys, the whole process stops here.
3] then, bring up meterbridge.  In the terminal, as heather, type:
  meterbridge -n meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 alsa_pcm:capture_2
4] then, speak into microphone and see if needles move, indicating 
microphone is working.
5] then, bring up gamix.  In the terminal, as heather, type:
gamix & and hit return
6] look at anything that looks like capture, and make sure the 
microphone stuff is set right.  If you watch the vu meter as you click 
stuff in gamix, then speak at the microphone you may see activity on the 
vu meter indicating you clicked the right thing.

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