[PlanetCCRMA] FC 5 not booting

Peter Baumgartner mail@bssmusic.de
Wed Aug 9 10:10:02 2006

Hi @ all,
has anybody seen a DVD iso of fc5-CCRMA yet? I tried and installed fc5 
yesterday on my studio workstation (Compac Evo 6000, dual xeon 2,4). When 
rebooting the first time, it hangs up completely at "starting udev...". The 
DVD seems to be OK, on a AMD64 in the office it installs and works - no, it 
is an i386 image ;-)). 
Downloading big files is no problem. I have seen in the repo that Fernando has 
added a lot of programs, but could not find an image on the CCRMA site or the 
Thanks for any help, URL....