[PlanetCCRMA] troubles trying to compile new freewheeling

Nigel Henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Sat Apr 22 13:57:01 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 14:49, Dan Easley wrote:
> I'm trying to compile the newest version of freewheeling (0.5.2a), but
> getting an error fairly early on in the process: configure errors out
> saying i need "libgnutls11-dev".
> I'm using Planet CCRMA / FC4 - had the same problem with FC3, and used
> it as an excuse to upgrade.
> Can't seem to find this package on fedora or ccrma's repositories -
> "gnutls" and "gnutls-devel" (both labelled 1.0.25-2.FC4) are
> installed, and locate shows:
> in /usr/lib :
> libgnutls.so
> libgnutls.so.11
> libgnutls.so.11.1.25
> libgnutls-openssl.a
> libgnutls.a
> libgnutls.la
> libgnutls-extra.so
> libgnutls-extra.so.11
> libgnutls-extra.so.11.1.25
> libgnutls-openssl.so
> libgnutls-openssl.so.11.1.25
> libgnutls-extra.la
> libgnutls-openssl.la
> libgnutls-openssl.so.11
> libgnutls-extra.a
> and in /usr/include/gnutls :
> extra.h
> compat4.h
> openpgp.h
> x509.h
> compat8.h
> openssl.h
> gnutls.h
> pkcs12.h
> it seems to me debian/debian-based distros have a specific
> libgnutls11package, while fedora doesn't.
> i suspect a symbolic link or two could fix things, and i made some
> attempts at that a few weeks ago, but didn't succeed...
> thanks for any help.  i wish i was more savvy with all this, but my
> brain's still stuck in gw-basic land.

Hi Dan. First I'd like to say I don't get on with Yum too well. That's just a 
tongue in cheek dig at Fernando, who wants to move over to Yum on FC5.

Anyway, trying out Yum, with Yumex, just for kicks, I installed gnutls-devel. 
As you show on your post there is no specific libgnutls11-dev. I looked on 
Debian Sarge, and it is there. But looking in /usr/lib/pkgconfig on FC4, 
gnutls.pc is there, which indicates that the headers from the dev package are 
available, and pkgconfig should be able to use these for the freewheeling 
compile. I spent about an hour, and eventually got the tarball from crappy 
sourceforge, and had the same results as you when trying to install it on 
FC4. I don't know if you've had Freewheeling working, but I know when I 
installed it on FC2 from planetccrma, there were a lot of problems with the 
GUI. It may be worth posting a bug report to the author regarding the 
libgnutls11-dev problem.

I looked on FC4, but it's not available according to synaptic. Looked on FC3, 
and it's there. Installed it, and my usb midi keyboard got some sounds out of 
it, although running at 94% CPU, and then it got stuck in some sort of loop, 
kept playing, and I had to kill it with the mouse pointer of death. 

It's a shame, cause it's seems like a nice app. perhaps it just needs a bit 
more work.

It would be good to find out from the author which distro he developed it on, 
and maybe installing that, if you have a free partition. Just be nice to see 
how well freewheeling works on the distro it was developed on.


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