[PlanetCCRMA] SCSI disk too slow?

mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com mrgrimm@radioactivecatfish.com
Thu Apr 6 10:41:02 2006

did you remember to configure the hdparams?  i know on the ccrma  
website there are instructions on how to do this... it made a big  
difference for me.. also perhaps some backgrounds processes are  
running that you have not disabled yet?  just some ideas...

On Apr 6, 2006, at 04:49, Peter Baumgartner wrote:

> Hi @ all,
> I had to reinstall my FC4/CCRMA because of sillyness (tried to  
> trash a bunch of files and had an overflow - disk full 100%), which  
> I was not able to recover.
> Now i get messages that my harddisk is not able to keep up with  
> ardour, which is stopping consequently, although there are only 18  
> tracks used - the "old" FC4 Installatiuon played up to 48 tracks  
> without any problems..
> The system is a Compaq EVO 6000 (dual-Xeon 2,2G) with AIC 7892P  
> Controler (=160M) and two 36G Cheetahs and HDSP 9652.
> The effect is NOT showing up when playing the same 41,1k files with  
> jackd set to 48 kHz, what makes me suspicious it might be an ALSA  
> problem?? Any ideas??
> PS: The system is installed from the DVD and upgraded/dist-upgraded
> Peter
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