[PlanetCCRMA] SCSI disk too slow?

Peter Baumgartner peter@bssmusic.de
Thu Apr 6 08:22:01 2006

mrgrimm@bluebottle.com schrieb:
> did you remember to configure the hdparams?  i know on the ccrma 
> website there are instructions on how to do this... it made a big 
> difference for me.. also perhaps some backgrounds processes are 
> running that you have not disabled yet?  just some ideas...

Sorry, hdparm does only work with IDE disks, here we use SCSI, and yes,
I did check the parameters of the controler, it is set to "160", and as
I said, ith works, when played with the wrong sample rate - it works
with Cubase/W$ too, BTW. I did the install from the same DVD as before
with the only difference, that I did the "upgrade/dist-upgrade" two
weeks or so later, hence my assumption, it might have to do something
with alsa/jack.