[PlanetCCRMA] new apt-get update causes system freezes.

Matt Marian matt1@mattmarian.homelinux.com
Sun Nov 27 20:35:03 2005

Kevin Street wrote:

> Matt Marian wrote:
>> Ok I have _*had*_ a very stable install of FC4 ( had been using 
>> kernel-smp2.16.12-0.21.rdt.rhfc4.ccrma-smp excuse me if I correctly 
>> named the kernel package , but that is the kernel version anyway)
>> all had been fine - jack runing beautifully  - up to four hours 
>> recording solidly - in ardour - no xruns - no instability at all. - 
>> good for several months - that is up untill about a week ago.
>> After a recent update using apt-get , the system boots no problem, 
>> gnome starts fanstastically, then when I use any application ( ANY) 
>> after about 5 minutes the system locks completely, no alt login using 
>> ctrl+altf2(etc)
>> it is a complete system freeze.  I can't even ssh into it . nothing 
> It would be good to know what did change in that last apt-get.  If 
> you're not sure, you could do:
> rpm -qa --last | more
> to get a list of the most recent changes.  That would be a good place 
> to start looking for problems.  I'm on the same kernel with no 
> problems. I'm up to date as far as FC4 and extras are concerned but 
> the last ccrma  update on my system appears to be from Oct 31. The 
> ccrma repo does appear to be down at the moment.
> thanks - will review
> --  I ran the update on the 8th nov. and I did one on the 26th-hoping 
> it would fix what happened on the 8th,
> nothing looks glaringly obvious, but will use fine tooth comb .
> thanks - will post my results as soon as I can figure it out