[PlanetCCRMA] Audiophile 192 and others

Brad Fuller brad@sonaural.com
Thu Nov 17 15:05:02 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:

><EDITORIAL RANT> On GPL, I've decided I'm not happy that the current
>licenses do not protect the work of tester like myself in a manner
>that is consistent with the developer's protection. Clearly there has
>been a huge amount of work that's gone into LS, and probably 50% of it
>could never have been done without comparisons to the way GSt, Kontakt
>and other samplers work. Since few of the developers have these tools
>they depend on we owners and testers to do this for them, and then
>some pull the rug from under our feet. I'm one very disappointed
>tester here. None the less, I knew this going in so it's my own
>misfortune to have had it end up here. It does make me far more
>suspect of all the Open Source audio software I use today knowing that
>at any time a developer or group of developers can take a program in a
>private direction and strand a community of users. Oh,
I would venture a stance here:  testing in the FOSS world should be 
considered a bit different than sitting in a company cubicle black box 
testing and running test scripts. Perhaps testers should be considered 
an integral part of the team in cases like this. Of course, the job 
would be more than someone just grabbing the build and reporting errors. 
It would have to be an integrated, systemic cooperation among all the 
team members.
If that's the case, you would be considered part of the (development) team.

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