[PlanetCCRMA] Audiuphile 192 and others

Frode Petersen fropeter@online.no
Tue Nov 15 03:30:02 2005

I'm about to buy an audio interface. The ones I have considered are the 
MAudio Audiophile 192 or the ESI Juli@, but I can't get a clear 
impression of the linux support for these cards. Both cards, and 
MAudio's Revolution 7.1 use the ICE1724 (Envy24HT) chipset.

While the Juli@'s entry in the ALSA card list says that no driver is 
written yet, the Audiophile 192 isn't on the list, and the Revolution 
7.1 is marked as functioning under ALSA, if I understand the entry 

Does anyone know the status of driver development for the Juli@ and the 
Audiophile 192. If it was around the corner, I could probably wait for 
it. If not, suggestions as to what to buy would be welcome.

Would either of these cards be a good choice? (Experiences?)

If I could get an Echo Layla 24 (2nd hand) instead, would that be a 
better choice regarding linux support and audio quality?