[PlanetCCRMA] Newbie basic questions on PlanetCCRMA installation

Mikko Harjula mikko.harjula@mediware.fi
Tue Nov 8 22:48:01 2005


I just got a new PC (Athalon 64, nVidia4 chipset, 2G RAM,...) in order
to setup a Linux music workstation.  I have used Linux for years but
am a newbie when it comes to music with computers.  I only have some
experiance with noteedit and am looking forward to jump into
Rosegarden.  I do also all my email, computing etc. on that PC so I
need a stable working setup and so decided to build on FC3 as FC4 is
not there yet.

I didn't see PlanetCCRMA for AMD 64-bit architecture so I installed
the apt-enabled 32-bit FC3 from the PlanetCCRMA site and PlanetCCRMA
on top.  Is this the way to go or can the PlanetCCRMA stuff be
installed on top of AMD 64-bit FC3? ... OK found from mailing list
archives that the AMD 64-bit is not there so my guess was correct.
Maybe this could be mentioned somewhere?

I got the red (redhat) update button glowing in the KDE panel asking
me to update the system but I have been updating with apt only as I
imagine yum update from FC3 repositories would overwrite CCRMA stuff
and break the apt bookkeeping.  Is this the case?  Can I get FC3
updates from CCRMA apt repository?

"apt-get install mplayer" complained that "mplyer not found".  What
repositories should I use to locate this?

I cannot connect to other hosts with ssh.  It just hangs till timeout.
However I can connect into this host from another Linux box.  I tried
to use ethereal to see what goes on but I cannot find ethereal binary
although ethereal package is installed.  So is there a way to query
apt repositories like: "in which packege can I find file
'^.*/bin/ethereal$'" or "list all packages whose description contains
regexp '(note|notation) editor'"?

I haven't used SELinux before and reading from the CCRMA mailing list
archive I found someone trying to disable SELinux.  I already tried to
disable it temporarily (and it didn't solve the ssh problem) but in
general should I disable SELinux completely or does all CCRMA stuff
run well with FC3 SELinux?

Has anyone written any tutorials on PlanetCCRMA or sound setup
applicable to FC3 and PlanetCCRMA I could read?

Mikko Harjula                   puh. 010-525 1555
mikko.harjula@mediware.fi       gsm  040-778 6669