[PlanetCCRMA] apt-get repositories and CCRMA

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri May 27 11:12:01 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 19:35, Hector Centeno wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry, I firstly sent this email to the wrong address (sorry Fernando). 
> I recently switched from Ubuntu to Fedora Core 3 + Planet CCRMA. Up to 
> now I'm finding it excellent, somehow the performance of my computer 
> seems to be much better than with Ubuntu and I'm glad to have an easy 
> way to configure an audio and music workstation. But now I'm missing the 
> way packages and dependencies were managed in Debian distributions, for 
> example: I wanted to build the LinuxSampler and it asked for a package 
> named sqlite3. 

[Note: LinuxSampler packages are being worked on and will be released
shortly, I think]

sqlite3? Weird, where does that dependency come from? On Fedora Core 3
my current deps for the linuxsampler package are (besides basic packages
in the mach core):

BuildRequires: gcc-c++, pkgconfig, libgig-devel, alsa-lib-devel
BuildRequires: jack-audio-connection-kit-devel

> I remember finding it very easily in Ubuntu but I 
> struggled a lot to find it for Fedora. Once I found it I tried to 
> install using Yum and it printed a very long list of dependencies that 
> needed to be upgraded (including jack and other audio softwares 
> installed from CCRMA) and it stopped with dependencies error and without 
> installing anything. 

Well, it depends on which repository you tried to use. I try to maintain
compatibility with other third party repositories but it is not possible
to know beforehand what will happen. 

Which is the repo list you used and what was the exact error message you

> So, my question is how should I install packages 
> not available through the CCRMA repositories without this kind of 
> problems? How should I install other packages without affecting the 
> CCRMA installation?

There are several repositories that are mostly fine, including
freshrpms, dag, dries, atrpms and so on and so forth. In general what I
do is to activate the repository, install the package I'm interested in
and then deactivate it, I try to not do a "dist-upgrade" unless it is
sctrictly necessary. 

-- Fernando