[PlanetCCRMA] LiveCD PlanetCCRMA. Someone working on that?

Luis Garrido garrido_luis@hotmail.com
Tue May 24 19:24:17 2005

I don't like Fedora specially, but the fact that Fernando is actively 
providing updated kernels and apps makes of the planet the best audio 

More and more I feel the need of a LiveCD to be able to work at different 
locations. I have been googling around a bit.

What I think would be desirable is a tool that allowed to build a customized 
LiveCD, to keep up with the improvements on the kernel and the apps, so 
everyone could choose her own set of apps.

Some useful links:

- Fedora live distros:


- LiveCD building packages:


Some questions:

- Do liveCD builders work in Fedora?
- Can the Planet kernel be ported to distros that are known to have livecd 
builders (Debian, Mandrake)? (most likely a rpm based one, Mandrake thus, 
but I have heard that Mandrake packages are not compatible with FC ones).
- Should the Planet kernel be tweaked somehow (by including support of 
features needed for livecd's, like squashfs or the like)? Should this be 
done at the CCRMA repo or at an alternative one?
- Does make any sense the idea of an audio livecd distro? Are there any 
potential pitfalls that make it unpractical (e.g., memory, CPU or CD space 

Before going deeper in the subject myself, I thought I'd just open some 
discussion about it in the list. Perhaps there is already someone involved 
in such a project that I could join, or someone found some big cons to the 

Any thoughts?