[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with HDSPmixer settings

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Sat May 14 02:59:01 2005

Hi Guys (and Thomas :-),

I am still trying to set up my convolver box, which is based on
PlanetCCRMA@Home on FC3 and RME HDSP9652.
Now the system is set up like this: RME HDSP9652 receives ADAT input from
ADAT input 1, the CPU convolves the signal using AlmusVCU (Brutefir) and the
output is given on ADAT output 1, which is connected to a RME ADI-8 Pro.
The soundcard is setted in slave mode, reading the sync signal from
wordclock input, which is provided by RME ADI-8 Pro.

All inputs and outputs are setted to 0dB and...here comes the problem: in
HDSPMixer 3 potentiometers lines are present: input, output and mixer (?).
If the last one is set to -oo (- infinite) I hear no sound, while if this is
set to 0dB I can hear some sound but it's crappy it is easy to hear that the
mixer sound is overlapped by output sound (convolution introduce some delay,
so it's easy to hear the overlapping sound).
In HDSPmixer I can see I have sound on inputs and outputs (even if mixer is
turned to -oodB) but I can hear no sound: I know "output sound" is the one I
want because it turns off is the convolver is turned off.

I triple checked all connection and everything seems fine, so I was
wondering how to mute the mixer sound without muting the whole card.

Thank you very much!