[PlanetCCRMA] Advice on installing non-CCRMA sources (or I'm an Adult Now)

Shayne O'Connor forums@machinehasnoagenda.com
Wed May 11 14:59:01 2005

hi all

i've gradually found myself installing/using/testing latest CVS versions
of some of the CCRMA packages - stuff like Ardour, Muse, Hydrogen, Jack,
Alsa, the kernel etc etc ... i know how to do most of them without
running into conflicts with the CCRMA versions (most install over the
top of the  CCRMA versions, or are able to be uninstalled without too
many dramas).

however, the latest CVS of Ardour says this:

     * add compile-time check for jack_recompute_latencies()
       * libardour: 0.891.4

    If you use an older version of JACK, you will be able to build Ardour,
    but JACK port "total latencies" will not be updated in a timely
    fashion, which can lead to some odd results some of the time.

so i got the cvs version of Jack, compiled (prefix=/usr) and installed
it, did a "jackd --version" (jackd version 0.99.70 tmpdir /tmp protocol
15), compiled/installed Ardour ... but when building Ardour, it said:

    Checking for jack_client_open()...failed
    >Checking for jack_recompute_total_latencies()...failed

Paul Davis said this:

    i suspect you have inadvertently done a dual install of JACK.

so, i went and searched for all the Jack files installed in /usr,
deleted them, reinstalled Jack, tried compiling Ardour again, but the
same failed check for jack_client_open and
jack_recompute_total_latencies ...

so - what's the proper way for me to totally uninstall old Jack packages
- can't really do it through Synaptic because it wants to remove about
50 other multi-media apps .... also - is there any special configuration
options that Jack needs?


onto the kernel - i compiled/installed the latest kernel (2.6.12.rc4
with rt-pre-empt patch and patched pam), which is something i just
learned to do recently .... i don't usually build the RT-pre-empt patch,
but i decided to give it a go last night. i built it with
PRE-EMPT=DESKTOP, or whatever, and there were a few other options, but
it ended up looking (through rtirq) a little bit different to what i
remember the Planet's RT-preempt looked like:

    [mrmachine@localhost ~]$ /etc/init.d/rtirq status

     1218 FF      70   - 110  0.0 S<   IRQ 5        EMU10K1
     1348 FF      60   - 100  0.0 S<   IRQ 3        ehci_hcd
     1400 FF      60   - 100  0.0 S<   IRQ 4        ohci_hcd
     1362 FF      59   -  99  0.1 S<   IRQ 11       ohci_hcd
      288 FF      50   -  90  0.0 S<   IRQ 1        i8042
        9 FF      49   -  89  0.0 S<   IRQ 9        acpi
      234 FF      49   -  89  0.0 S<   IRQ 12       i8042
      266 FF      47   -  87  0.0 S<   IRQ 14       ide0
      268 FF      46   -  86  0.0 S<   IRQ 15       ide1
     2114 FF      40   -  80  0.1 S<   IRQ 10       nvidia
     2590 FF      39   -  79  0.0 S<   IRQ 7        parport0

i'm sure that "RTC" is missing from the top of this list .... should I
have said "Yes" to the option to pre-empt Real Big Clock (or something
like that) that it gives when doing "make config"?