[PlanetCCRMA] 64 bit questions

Kenneth cocteau@phreaker.net
Thu Mar 31 15:30:02 2005


I'm new to the list and don't quite know if this is the right to post at

However the reason is that I've been trying for some time to get music
software running on my AMD64 and there always seems to be some hassle in
compiling and getting it to run. With the new kernel everything got
better and I've now got pd and ardour running beautifully.
   Plug-ins are still a problem and neither cyclone max libraries or swh
plugins will compile at all.

So my question is, of anyone has any experience with 64 bit operating
systems and can help with any of this. Or if I should just toss the
whole lot and start fresh with a 32bit Fc3 (with the ccrma kernel, that
seems to work well for everyone :).
    If I do this does anyone know how much a loss of resources that
would mean? Alternatively how about installing the ccrma rpms, through 
the new yum repo (thanks... that was a nice one) My last attempt with 
apt gave me nothing but errors.
    Lastly... should this be the wrong forum for these questions
could someone point me someplace else.

   Thanks in advance